Laboratory Layout Design

Laboratory Planning

 ▲The various laboratory benches, storage cabinets, and other laboratory furniture should comply with international lab furniture standards and environmental protection requirements. Materials should have good performance in physical and chemical properties, corrosion resistance, as well as easy cleaning, The furniture structure should conform to the ergonomic principle, and meet the user s ergonomic needs.



Laboratory Furniture Design

Laboratory Furniture Regular Planning


The width of the lab table required by each technician varies greatly due to the different testing.


Laboratory Furniture Regular Planning

 Worktop height: Generally, it is better to take 900mm height, if male technicians account for a higher proportion. It can be considered to be 900mm, and it can also be done for some special testing work. The lower one is about 750mm high. pipes under, and at the same time, A drainage channel is set in the middle of the island bench. This design looks bad in appearance and has a horizontal pipe. It is easy to get dust, and the island bench is separated by pipelines and cannot pass goods. The advantage is that the service supply is more convenient. If the pipeline service facilities are concentrated in several pipes. The table top is drawn on the pedestal box to avoid the shortcomings of the previous form but in the design. When timing, it should be noted that the use range of each pedestal box should not be too large, otherwise it will lead to the tube being too long and is prone to accidents. The practice of setting up a pipeline box on the experimental bench. It is more convenient to use and supply than the previous one, but it reduces the effective net of the lab bench width. If a reagent rack is installed above the pipeline box, the island bench is basically blocked.

  Depth: The depth of the wall bench should generally be considered 750mm, the minimum should not be less than 600mm, and the reagent rack on the table can be considered 250-300mm. We recommend that the island bench depth is 1500mm, and the wall bench depth is 600-750mm. 






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